"Pick-A-Book Initiative is based on the premise that every child has the right to be
educated and reading is a key foundation of all forms of education."

Every child deserves to have access to books not only for the purpose of promoting literacy but also to fuel their imaginations. Every child deserves to have his/her imagination run as wild as it can. And if that wild imagination leads to a bestselling novel, so be it! At Pick-A-Book, we believe that learning does not have to be a chore but can be an enjoyable activity given the right setting.

Meet the team

Oreoluwa Army

Founder, CEO

One of Oreoluwa’s earliest memories was library time at her primary school when she was five years old [popup_anything id=”1596″]

Adeniyi Sonoiki

Secretary and Digital director

A life-long learner and an empathetic problem solver, Adeniyi is passionate about[popup_anything id=”1607″]

Oghenetega Umukoro

Social media manager

Growing up, Oghenetega would read almost anything she could lay her hands on [popup_anything id=”1611″]

Michael Army

Literary consultant

Throughout his life, Michael has had a love for books and literature of all types [popup_anything id=”1612″]

Dorcas Sonoiki


An entrepreneur and businesswoman, Dorcas is so passionate about education [popup_anything id=”1613″]

Biola Ajayi

Board member

Biola is a medical doctor with special interests in Anaesthesia. She earned [popup_anything id=”1614″]